Marches walkS - Walking Holidays in the Marches of England and Wales



Here at Marches walkS we aim to provide a walking experience tailored to you.


If your preference is to walk the whole of a Defined Route then the top chart will tell you how many days will be required to complete it at the activity level which best suits you.

If, however, you are interested in a varied selection of what our area has to offer then the lower chart will indicate which areas you might find suitable but the number of days is up to you.


Once you know how many days you want to stay, the table on the prices page will give you the cost of your holiday.


There are a number of micro breweries and other Real Ale producers local to the area including the Wye Valley Brewery, Spinning
Dog Brewery, Breconshire Brewery, Rhymney Brewery and Brains. These produce a range of wonderful Ales with names like Butty Bach, Merlin’s Oak, Skull Attack and The Reverend James. In addition there are many Free Houses providing these as well as a range of well known Ales such as Old Speckled Hen, Spitfire, Pedigree, Broadside etc etc. And on many occasions we can find one such conveniently situated to provide refreshment (alcoholic or otherwise) at the end of a walk.

Waymarked Routes:

Table shows days taken to walk these routes at various levels of exertion:

  Stren Mod/
Mod Gentle
Offa's Dyke Path Sedbury-Knighton 5 6 7 n/a
  Sedbury-Brompton 6 7 8 n/a
Wye Valley Walk   10 12 14 n/a
Beacons Way Holy Mtn-Bethlehem 7 9 n/a n/a
Three Castles White, Skenfrith, Grosmont n/a 2 3 n/a
Mortimer Trail Kington-Ludlow 2 3 4 n/a
Usk Valley Walk   2 3 4 n/a
Monnow Valley Walk   2 3 4 n/a
Canal Towpath   n/a n/a 3 4


General Walking:

Table shows the type of walking to be found on a selection of local routes:

  Stren Mod/
Mod Gentle
Canal Towpath Brecon-Cwmbran n/a n/a Y Y
Valley Walks Wye, Usk, Monnow n/a n/a Y Y
Radnorshire Hills   n/a Y Y n/a
Radnor Forest   Y Y Y n/a
Black Mountains Hay Bluff, Ridges etc. Y Y Y n/a
Brecon Beacons Pen y Fan +++ Y Y n/a n/a
Black Mountain Carmarthen Fans Y Y n/a n/a
Waterfalls Neath & Mellte Gorges n/a Y n/a n/a



Stren: Strenuous = 6 or more hours walking at an overall average speed of 2 mph with several main ascents some of which may be steep

Mod: Moderate = Approx 6 hours walking at an overall average speed of 1.5 to 2 mph with at least 1 main ascent which may be steep.

Gentle = 4 to 6 hours walking at a slower pace with no prolonged steep ascents